Breaking down Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Options

According to information published by the American Medical Association, a considerable amount of adults in America today are borderline clinically obese – and the problem isn’t getting any better any time soon. If people don’t seek binge eating disorder treatment options, it will only get worse.

This is big trouble

Obesity can lead to a significant amount of serious medical conditions (many of them fatal), and this medical epidemic is only getting worse and worse on a daily basis. And even though not all obesity situations can be linked directly to a binge eating disorder, many of them can be – which is why leveraging the best binge eating disorder treatment options available can help you transform your life for the better and allow you to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle once again.

Here are just some of the most popular binge eating disorder treatment options out there right now.

Psychotherapy Solutions

Psychotherapy solutions (also commonly referred to as talk therapy) can really help to uncover the underlying all emotional and mental conditions that may be forcing you and compelling you to binge eat in the first place.

By leveraging some of the best psychotherapy solutions out there, you are going to be able to move forward with effective binge eating disorder options that have proven to be some of the most effective.

We are talking about:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Dialectal Behavior Therapy

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

For most people, the psychotherapy binge eating disorder treatment options are some of the easiest to take advantage of right out of the gate as well as some of the most effective.

Prescription Grade Medications

At the same time, you may have to dig advantage of prescription grade medications event trigger a cascade of biochemical reactions throughout your body that help you fight binge eating reactions.

Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (sometimes called Vyvanse) is the first ever FDA approved prescription medication designed to specifically to help treat and modulate severe binge eating episodes. A stimulant that can be habit-forming, you’ll want to be sure that you speak directly to your primary care physician or a specialist before you take the plunge with this kind of binge eating disorder treatment.

Antidepressants have also proven to be tremendously impactful and helping people fight back against binge eating, even though these results aren’t clearly understood – especially as to why they manifest in the first place.

At the same time, it’s nice to know that this solution flat-out works, even if the reasons why are still a little murky.

Behavioral Adjustment Programs

Even though people living with a binge eating disorder have likely tried to lose weight on their own in a variety of different ways in the past (and have likely struggled to do so), behavioral adjustment binge eating disorder treatment solutions that have been custom tailored to their specific situation, interests, and physiology have proven to be wildly effective.

If you want to stay away from psychotherapy solutions and prescription grade medications and want a more natural approach to this kind of treatment, this is the way to go!

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