Breaking down Advances in the Binge Eating Medication World

In 2015, the Federal Drug Administration(1) announced that it had approved a brand-new prescription grade binge eating medication designed specifically to help people finally defeat the biochemical and hormonal triggers that were forcing them and compelling them to binge eat even though they knew deep down that it wasn’t in their best interests.

This new drug, called Vyvanse, had been in development for the better part of 10 years but had to move through all of the necessary FDA approval protocols before it could be released to the general public.

Some in the medical community believe it to be the “next big thing” in finally destroying binge eating behavior once and for all – but others aren’t quite as glowingly positive in their praise regarding this specific binge eating medication (or any binge eating medication, for that matter).

If you want to be sure that you are always taking advantage of the right treatment solution for your specific needs, and that you are always giving yourself every opportunity to improve your life and defeat this eating disorder, you’ll want to pay close attention to the inside information that we outlined below.

Tremendous Progress Has Been Made When It Comes to Effective Binge Eating Medication Solutions

Vyvanse has been available on the prescription market for some time as a treatment option for ADHD, but it only received approval for being used as a treatment option for binge eating disorders in 2015.

Very rigorous examinations were conducted to make sure that this was an appropriate solution for those looking to destroy their binge eating disorder once and for all with the help of prescription medication, with two grand scale studies (utilizing more than 700 adult participants in each) proving out that this binge eating medication is everything it promised to be and then some.

Working to stimulate the central nervous system and proving to be incredibly effective at reducing binge eating behavior, this particular medication – and others like it – really help to illustrate the incredible advances that modern medicine has been able to enjoy in just the last few years.

Utilizing advanced technology, decades of research, and cutting-edge approaches to resolving eating disorders, the pharmaceutical industry has been able to produce fantastic binge eating medication options that work exactly as promised.

Even the Best Binge Eating Medication Is Only One Piece of the Treatment Puzzle

At the same time, it is critically important to realize that binge eating medication is only one small piece of the puzzle when you’re looking to defeat eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia entirely.

You’ll want to move forward with therapy sessions, counseling, and lifestyle changes that give you every opportunity to destroy the world causes of binge eating and not just target of the symptoms that present themselves.

Obviously, you’re only going to be able to utilize binge eating medication options after speaking with a licensed medical professional – and you’ll want to lean on their expertise to help you find all of the right binge eating medication and treatment protocol options for your specific needs.


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