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Learn the Causes of Eating Disorders in Young Adults

Eating habits are often influenced by magazines, billboards and the modeling industry which portrays sculpted figures that are very unrealistic. Equally responsible for causes of eating disorders are the irresistible deals of fast food restaurants. Eating disorders can be defined as a mental illness ...Read More

Do You Suffer From Compulsive Eating?

Those who overeat compulsively exhibit eating patterns which demonstrate a pronounced lack of control. This compulsive eating issue isn’t a bona fide eating disorder. However, it has many features in common with binge-eating and it is a form of food addiction. Those who would ...Read More

Important Information about Night Eating Syndrome

A midnight snack once in a while may look harmless. However, what if eating at night has developed into a habit? You might already be suffering from night eating syndrome. Night eating syndrome is characterized by a disrupted circadian system in order to wake ...Read More

Breakthrough Binge Eating Medication

Breaking down Advances in the Binge Eating Medication World In 2015, the Federal Drug Administration announced that it had approved a brand-new prescription grade binge eating medication designed specifically to help people finally defeat the biochemical and hormonal triggers that were forcing them and ...Read More

What Is Binge Eating? The Signs and Symptoms

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Binge Eating There is a world of difference between having another plate of your favorite meal along after you have stopped feeling hungry. What is Binge Eating? It’s partly the compulsively and almost uncontrollably reaching for more ...Read More

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Options

Breaking down Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Options According to information published by the American Medical Association, a considerable amount of adults in America today are borderline clinically obese – and the problem isn’t getting any better any time soon. If people don’t seek binge ...Read More

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

It is believed that there are three times more binge eaters worldwide than both bulimic and those suffering from anorexia nervosa combined. Unlike people with binge and purge condition, people with binge eating disorder don’t compensate by doing excessive exercise or by vomiting what ...Read More