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Learn the Causes of Eating Disorders in Young Adults

Eating habits are often influenced by magazines, billboards and the modeling industry which portrays sculpted figures that are very unrealistic. Equally responsible for causes of eating disorders are the irresistible deals of fast food restaurants. Eating disorders can be defined as a mental illness ...Read More

What Is Binge Eating? The Signs and Symptoms

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Binge Eating There is a world of difference between having another plate of your favorite meal along after you have stopped feeling hungry. What is Binge Eating? It’s partly the compulsively and almost uncontrollably reaching for more ...Read More

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

It is believed that there are three times more binge eaters worldwide than both bulimic and those suffering from anorexia nervosa combined. Unlike people with binge and purge condition, people with binge eating disorder don’t compensate by doing excessive exercise or by vomiting what ...Read More