The Dangerous Impact Bulimia Weight Loss Has on Your Body

One of the most destructive eating disorders that close to 3% of the American population is dealing with today is Bulimia Weight Loss(according to information published by the National Alliance on Mental Illness).

On top of that, nine out of 10 people living with bulimia and dealing with the dangerous and even potentially deadly bulimia weight loss impacts are females – and many of them aren’t even aware of the dangers that they are facing.

This condition places a considerable amount of stress on the shoulders of these individuals, which only further compounds their bindging and their purging – creating a disastrous cycle of terrible risk factors, locking these individuals into a vortex that they feel as though they simply cannot escape.

Hopefully, by better understanding the bulimia weight loss (not to be confused with anorexia) impacts that we outlined below you’ll have a better appreciation for the dangers at hand. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to better seek out the kind of help you need to destroy bulimia at its core, leading a much improved and significantly healthier lifestyle from that moment forward.

The Mental and Emotional Health Impact Bulimia Weight Loss Causes

Make no mistake about it – bulimia is very much a mental health disorder and is closely linked to some of the most destructive and potentially dangerous mental health conditions we understand. Depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders and a whole host of behavioral issues are closely linked to bulimia weight loss.

All of these conditions kind of compound together to create a truly dangerous cocktail of issues that force people to believe they are slaves to this kind of behavior.

On top of that, because your body isn’t going to be getting the nutrition it needs your critical body systems, your biochemistry, and your hormonal balances are going to be thrown all out of whack. This is going to really add a lot of extra stress and pressure on your life, perpetuating these vicious cycle that we described above.

The Physical Impact Bulimia Weight Loss Causes

The cycle of binge eating and then purging almost immediately is going to get the state to your digestive tract, really mess with your respiratory system, and Rob your body of essential nutrients it needs to regulate critical body functions.

At first, you may notice a sore throat or heartburn stemming from the purging of that is a key component to bulimia weight loss, but pretty soon you’ll begin to notice blood in your vomit, blood in your stool, and find that the acid that is supposed to stay in your digestive tract is starting to leach out and escape into the rest of your body.

Your circulatory system is going to be devastated because of the dehydration that you go through after purging, and that means that your skin is going to dry out, your muscles are going to atrophy and fatigue, and your blood sugar level is going to go all over the place.

Blood pressure drops, anemia can kick in, and you can even begin to shut down critical body systems as your physiology does everything it can simply to survive.

If you are dealing with bulimia weight loss issues its mission critical that you seek out medical help ASAP.

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