A lot of people today are suffering from different types of eating disorders. However, before we discuss specific eating disorders, it is imperative to first focus on its eating disorder definition. Eating Disorder Definition can be simple.

Well, it is defined as a psychological disorder that is characterized by abnormal or a disturbed eating habit. And because of its broad definition, there are many conditions that can fall under this kind of condition.

Anorexia Nervosa Definition

Anorexia nervosa is one of the most common eating disorders out there. What makes this condition alarming is the fact that it is characterized by low weight and even malnutrition. People with anorexia nervosa typically have a strong desire to be thin. And because of this, they’d often times restrict their food intake and even into extreme conditions.

The dangerous thing about anorexia nervosa is that you will be able to see organs failing(1) because of malnutrition. And also, doctors could typically find abnormal blood counts and even brittle nails as some of its symptoms.


What triggers anorexia nervosa? Unfortunately, the main cause of anorexia is still unknown. However, young women and individuals are usually the ones affected by this.

Experts believe that partly, media and social media should be blamed for the proliferation of anorexia nervosa. Treatment includes close monitoring especially in helping the person gain an understanding of his or her health.

Binge Eating Disorder Definition

Another eating disorder is binge eating disorder. A person with this type of condition usually eats a lot. Eating large quantities of food and often times lead to discomfort. People with binge eating disorders are also usually obese. And because of this, they also tend to lose control over the food that they eat.

Solving this problem can be a bit tricky because a lot of people tend to binge eat as a means to compensate for their negative emotion. It is important that the person is going to have support from his or her family. This way, he or she can have a different type of coping whenever dealing with problems and stressors.

Bulimia Nervosa Definition

Another tricky condition that needs to be addressed is bulimia nervosa. Those with bulimia nervosa are also thin just like those who are affected by anorexia nervosa. However, unlike those with anorexia nervosa that simply doesn’t eat, those with bulimia nervosa eat normally but tend to throw up the food that they eat after. With binge and purge behavior, they also tend to not have the nutrients that the body need.

Feeling of Guilt for Eating

It is important to address the reason why the person is having this kind of behavior. It is often times guilt from what he or she ate. And most of the time, this can be addressed with the help of family and friends. There are also those with bulimia who would seek the help of a group that is suffering the same condition. And because of this, it becomes easier to solve the eating disorder.


Understanding the eating disorder definition and warning signs of each eating disorder can be quite tricky. It involves the role of health professionals, friends, and even their family. And most of the time, there are also instances wherein patients relapse.

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