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Intuitive Eating – Break Destructive Eating Habits

Intuitive eating is about rejecting the diet mentality, honoring your own hunger and making peace with food. When you embrace this common-sense eating plan, which is very popular these days, you will change your relationship with food for the better. With intuitive eating, you’ll ...Read More

Learn How to Stop Overeating Today

Poor Nutrition Habits as a Behavioral Issue In one out of five deaths, poor diet has become one of the most common causes according to one comprehensive study about existing diseases in the world. Nutrition and diet greatly affect how people look, feel, think ...Read More

Mini Guide to What Eating Disorder Statistics Revealed

Every year, according to eating disorder statistics, millions of individuals are diagnosed with eating disorders and only half of them receive suitable medical help. Previously, eating disorders were not considered to be life-threatening because not many people were aware of their harmful effects. Thanks ...Read More

Finding the Best Treatments for Eating Disorders

Treatments for Eating Disorders Eating disorders are primarily characterized by an acute disruption of a person’s regular eating habits. There are several types of eating disorders. For instance, anorexia nervosa and bulimia are well-known examples. At the same time, there are also binge eating ...Read More

Important Information about Night Eating Syndrome

A midnight snack once in a while may look harmless. However, what if eating at night has developed into a habit? You might already be suffering from night eating syndrome. Night eating syndrome is characterized by a disrupted circadian system in order to wake ...Read More

Proven and Effective Bulimia Treatment

A Better Understanding of Your Bulimia Treatment Options Bulimia is one of the most dangerous eating disorders one can be afflicted with, a mental health disorder that creates a very unhealthy relationship with food that has far-reaching and negative impacts across most every aspect ...Read More

Getting the Best Anorexia Treatment

Better Understanding Eating Disorders and Anorexia Treatment Solutions According to information published by the Mayo Clinic, more than one in every 35 million Americans are currently dealing with some type of the eating disorder. More than 200,000 plus adults and young people deal with ...Read More