Intuitive eating is about rejecting the diet mentality, honoring your own hunger and making peace with food.

When you embrace this common-sense eating plan, which is very popular these days, you will change your relationship with food for the better. With intuitive eating, you’ll learn to be mindful of your own satisfaction factor and you’ll become a healthier and happier person.

Today, we’d like to share plenty of factual information about this revolutionary diet and its benefits.

What is Intuitive Eating, Anyway?

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works is a book which was written by nutritionist, Evelyn Tribole and nutritional therapist, Elyse Resch. It’s perfect for anyone who’s become frustrated with his or her eating habits!

If you struggle with lack of willpower and tend to fail at diets, this book will show you that the restrictions that typical diets impose are the real problem, rather than your own perceived shortcomings.

With intuitive eating, you will learn to listen to your own body!

This diet program is about nurturing your own body. It’s designed to encourage weight loss which is natural. Reading it and following its ten principles for intuitive eating will help you achieve the weight that is right for you.

When you read the book, you’ll discover that there are a trio of “eating personalities” and that each one has its own “eating difficulties”. Knowing your own eating personality is important and you’ll be able to figure out which category you fit into!

Also, you’ll be given ten principles to follow which will assist you with achieving a new and safer relationship with food. This program comes with step-by-step instructions which are clear and simple to understand. It was written by prominent experts who have devoted their careers to helping their clients lose weight and feel better.

The book has been updated with an added chapter which shows how the Intuitive Eating philosophy may help those who are recovering from eating disorders.

Break the Destructive Eating Habits

When you start using the principles to guide yourself, you’ll learn to listen to the “satiety signals” that your body is giving you. You’ll begin to respect your natural fullness and start eating only when your body really needs food.

Intuitive Eating is miles away from a typical, restrictive diet plan! It’s a more practical and compassionate approach to whole-body health and predictable, safe weight loss.

Try the Intuitive Eating Program Today

If you need to break destructive eating patterns, then try intuitive eating. You’ll learn to connect with your body’s fullness cues, you’ll break away from the idea that some foods are forbidden and you’ll access more personal power and self-understanding.

This book helps those who are trapped in destructive eating patterns to take control of their eating and the way that they feel about food. For this reason, it’s an invaluable resource which will benefit your mind, body and spirit.

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