Eating disorders have become an enduring problem in our society in recent years. These conditions are brought about by a myriad of different factors coming together at a particular point in time when the individual is at their lowest point. More often than not, the compulsion that propels the disorder itself is motivated by a great need to achieve an ideal body. Despite the drastic consequences, patients would often starve themselves.

That being said, new treatments for eating disorders are readily available for those who need it. Interestingly, this is a field that continues to grow as new progress is being made with regards to the development of more advanced treatment options for eating disorders. This article presents readers with an overview of these new and latest eating disorder treatments innovations.

Referenced EEG

Referenced EEG is a new type of technology that seeks to make the treatment process that much easier not only for the patient but for the therapist as well. It operates under the general principles of neurophysiology and makes use of the standard electroencephalographic equipment. Basically, the treatment gives physicians and psychiatrists a reliable guide to the type of medications a patient needs.

The treatment itself has been under development for more than eighteen years. Its developers were able to establish the relationships between different medications and specific patient profiles. It has been made effective by its proper use of the data from thousands of patients. By doing so, Referenced EEG can help prescribe specific medications for people suffering from an eating disorder and who fit a certain mold.

Needless to say, this is groundbreaking work as the treatment itself was able to reduce the painstaking trial-and-error approach that has come to be associated with psychopharmacology. The need to cycle through different prescription medications and supplements has been virtually eliminated. The splendid results being reported certainly speak to its efficacy as a potential eating disorder treatment plan.

Targeted Nutrition Therapy

Another interesting treatment option that is gaining popularity is the Targeted Nutrition Therapy(1). As most people know, Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by the patient’s drastic weight loss caused by self-starvation. Because of this, patients with anorexia are extremely malnourished.

However, it is surprising to find that prominent treatment options rarely address the symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If it is, then it usually comes in the form of “multivitamin” supplements. Needless to say, this is not enough in terms of helping the patient meet their nutritional needs. This is the gap that Targeted Nutritional Therapy is trying to fill.

The treatment also pays particular attention to the purported link between the eating disorder itself and mineral deficiencies. For instance, an eating disorder test and further research suggests that zinc deficiency may be a contributing factor in terms of developing anorexia in the first place. Because of this, therapists pay close attention to the patient’s diet so that the situation can be remedied effectively.

This article presents readers with a brief overview of Targeted Nutrition Therapy and a referenced EEG test. Needless to say, these are interesting developments for eating disorder patients. The road to wellness has certainly been made that much easier.

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