You’ve probably read about models suffering from anorexia in order to maintain an unrealistic size zero. Bulimia also gained a lot of publicity because the late Princess Diana of England was one of the most famous patients. However, some eating disorders are not that famous although they are not typically less severe or dangerous. One of these disorders would be EDNOS, the eating disorder not otherwise specified.

EDNOS is Discrete:

As the name suggests, this disorder is the right diagnosis when everything else is ruled out. EDNOS is usually overlooked because it doesn’t fit the standard guidelines. Some patients will show some but not all of the famous eating disorders that are usually addressed by health care providers. While others will show a mixture of several disorders at the same time, click here to learn more.

For example, EDNOS patients might induce vomiting in order to lose weight and maintain a thin figure, but they will do this only once a week and for a period that is less than three months, unlike the standard patients diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. Some patients will keep on losing weight drastically by depriving themselves of food and denying hunger but their weight would still fall within the normal weight range. They might not forego eating altogether but will most likely stick to one or two items of food that they consider safe which is the main symptom of eating compulsive disorders.

EDNOS patients are most likely taken lightly which can worsen their condition. The condition can be left undiagnosed for years simply because it doesn’t follow the standard guidelines. However, the patient is still subject to the life-threatening risks that characterize all eating disorders. In fact, patients might be subject to bigger risks because the condition will most likely be left untreated until the person starts to show some of the serious side effects.

The Importance of the Right EDNOS Diagnosis:

Due to rapid and excessive weight loss, patients with several eating disorders will suffer from serious side effects and complications. Some can be fatal if left untreated. Rapid weight less leads to organs failure, especially kidney failure and can raise the liver enzymes to unhealthy levels. It can also induce slower heartbeats which can ultimately lead to heart failure.

Health care providers should run a set of medical and psychological tests that help them reach the right diagnosis. After that, they will seek the professional help of several professionals who can help create a tailored treatment plan.

A nutritionist or a dietitian will create the right eating regimen to help the patient maintain a healthy weight. They will make sure that the patient is taking all the necessary nutrients that they need to stay healthy and in great condition. Most of the time, they will prescribe some supplements and medications to compensate for the lack of food. The therapy can also combine behavior therapy and counseling. Recovery is possible even if you have been living with the condition for long. The key is to seek medical and psychological help as soon as possible.

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