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Eating is one of the vital and primary acts of need every human to satisfy the needs of our body and digest food that contains nutrients sufficient for our health. That is why any disorders that pertain to eating are very crucial for any individual. Eating disorders are affected by the lifestyle an individual chooses. Eating disorders cause a disturbance to the eating behavior of an individual. Eating disorders are a serious mental illness that can affect both men and women, of any status and culture or race. Eating disorder is a mental illness that does not only affect the mental stability of the individual but also the physical and internal processes of the person. These are not rare; rather, eating disorders are very common in most countries. Eating disorders could either be excessive diet or any extreme concern with the physical body like one’s weight, body shape, body image and etc. Acquiring it is not something the individual notices immediately. Eating disorders occur after a process of extreme lifestyle and are very subtle to recognize unless taken action upon. There are various types of eating disorders, this includes Binge eating disorder, Bulimia, Anorexia. Causes, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation will be further discussed in the latter paragraphs. There different research as to what approach that can be used to view eating disorders that are on the rise. It is important to know more about the issue and be aware as it is common, problematic, present and occurring in our modern time.

Understanding the Different Types of Eating Disorders

There is actually two general type of people who acquire eating disorders: its either they are concerned about their physical image and undergoes extreme diet, or they could be consuming too much food that they unconsciously gained a certain and specific disorder. Many might think that it isn’t much of an issue, but Eating disorders can lead to psychological problems that attack the mental or psyche of an individual. Eating disorders, moreover, affects the emotional stability of a person making an individual feel emotion which he or she can’t explain himself or herself. Moreover, it is more likely the individual suffering an eating disorder would opt to deny, hide or disguise such occurrence. Scientific research, according to studies, indicated that the causes of the eating disorder are the factories that include: the complex interaction of genetic, biological, behavioral, psychological, and social factors. Symptoms may appear at the teenage years of a person or even during young adulthood. They are using the latest technology to better understand eating disorders which could involve genes of humans, brain imaging and more. Where scientists seem to have found patterns of brain activity in the comparison between two women who are healthy and who have eating disorders. It is a fact that eating disorder’s duration and severity can only be reduced until there is an intervention from a proper and appropriate treatment, according to evidence from research. Therefore, it is important and extremely vital that individuals who undergo these symptoms should seek help from professionals as soon as possible.

Individuals with eating disorders eventually acquire another diagnosed mental health problem or disorder. It is most likely, according to research and statistics, that it is inevitable to gain more disorders or mental problem, especially psychiatric illness, as a result of such disorder. Moreover, It is given that individuals with eating disorders are accompanied by depression and anxiety, or even abuse to substance. Individuals should be aware of the symptoms of these eating disorders. There are certain symptoms to take note to. Here are general symptoms to take serious notice: emotional and behavioral signs (dramatic weight loss, obsession to physical appearance, refusal to eat, denial of starvation, uncomfortable eating in the presence of others, food hoarder, extreme mood swings, etc.), and Physical signs (abrupt changes in weight, stomach complaints, menstrual irregularities, difficulty in concentration, abnormal findings in laboratories, dizziness, fainting, often feeling of coldness, sleeping problems, dental problems, skin, hair and nail problems, muscle weakness, poor healing of wound, immune functioning problems). However, it is strictly important to, once noticed the symptoms, one should properly approach a professional as misdiagnosis to self might lead to further mental health issues and psychological issues. The big issue of eating disorders is that it can kill people as its effects are life-threatening. Moreover, the struggles of an individual are barely recognized, especially without the awareness of the different eating disorders, which is crucial. The longer the delay of treatment, all the more critical will the aftermath be of any individual suffering these.

woman patient with eating disorderIn any case, it is important to practice the status quo: “prevention is better than cure.” As much as we must be aware of the different symptoms and definitions of the different disorders, we must likewise be taken note on how to prevent such conditions.

In order for every individual to prevent such phenomenon, it is important to educate oneself. In this way, one will be able to become fully aware of the circumstances that might occur in the future before and once such situation arises. It is important to know how to balance food and have a healthy lifestyle than controlling and obsessing food intakes.

It is inevitable for a person to encounter insecurities in life. However, in any case, we in so many ways have choices. Given that, try to challenge oneself to actually avoid and prevent obsession of ideal physical appearance to prevent wrong diets that might be difficult to alter once the mindset has been made.

Challenging oneself may be hard, but it is a great step. As it may be unavoidable to lose the challenge, it is helpful if one is capable of being sensitive enough and being open: Sensitive of others who might eventually encounter it in wrong diction, and etc., and in some ways, open to interacting with others about the self as to whom who can help.

Lastly, is to take action. To prevent any worse case scenarios, actions must be done.

Treatment For Eating Disorders

One cannot entirely prevent such occurrence as these disorders are barely easy to recognize. Therefore, at the end of the day, treatments exist to support the support that these disorders need. There are short-term and long-term treatments for different cases. Moreover, medical treatments best support in treating eating disorders. There are different treatment options for different cases or types of eating disorder. It is vital to know the different approaches on how to cure eating disorders.

Managing the physical health

It is important to plan out the balance of food intake and nutrition for the individual’s body. In this case, monitoring the physical health is vital as it’s the central concern of the problem. The best way to manage the physical health of the person is to get medical check-ups and assess the changes needed to develop the state of the person. In addition, after the assessment, it is needed to monitor if the planned out changes are properly implemented in accordance with the need.


eating disorder group therapyGetting advice could be helpful for the individual to develop one’s psychological stability to solve the problem in a way that the person struggling can cope up with the probable steps to change his or her lifestyle. Counseling can also be best for understanding the current situation and nutrition that would have to be involved to hone the state of the individual. This comes along with the mental health management as counselors can facilitate the dwelling of the issue. As much as physical health is vital to the development of the person struggling with an eating disorder, the mental health of this person can be crucial and critical to the development of the treatment.


There are a lot of therapy processes that can counter and aid for the treatment of this disorders. This involves psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, dialectic behavioral, ISTDP, mindfulness-based, group therapy, family-based therapy, and alternative therapies.

Drug Support

There are drugs or medicines that can actually support and aid eating disorders. It can aid to treat hormonal and chemical imbalances. However, it must be a warning that misuse of drugs can affect, most likely worsen, the current state of the individual. It is always best to seek help from professionals to avoid wrong prescriptions and assure the best way possible to solve the crisis of the individual as drug effects depend on the person and not every drug can work to every individual.

Educating the self

This treatment is very sensitive as it cannot completely treat the disorder. However, the bright side of this treatment is that the person eventually learns and is capable of independence in the context of dealing the matter objectively. Information is accessible to many individuals and education or learning the matter would best help the individual cope up with the struggle. This knowledge will then allow the individual to take corresponding steps or actions that are suitable for the individual. Acceptance comes after the process which is eventually helpful for the person to recover from one’s state.


woman with eating disorder in a dark roomIt is safe to say that most patients with eating disorders don’t receive nor seek for help as it is not an easy thing to do. Denial will surely overcome the patient and it is not easy to admit such matter. This is why most rehabilitation centers that regard to the resolution of eating disorders are very confidential and structured. Rehabilitation centers follow a structured process, but not every patient has the same pacing as the resolution of each depends on the motivation of the self. These rehabilitation centers follow a certain process from a preliminary check-up to dietary planning, to behavioral therapy and/or specific therapies a certain individual may need. However, outpatients definitely have to come back after the long process to monitor progress and development. The doctor will then keep track and reduce the relapse possibility. Given that there are different types of eating disorders and different approaches to treatments, it is inevitable to have a lot of different ways of rehabbing a patient diagnosed with an eating disorder. In rehabilitation centers, dietician, nutritionist and counselors are present to facilitate the patient diagnosed with eating disorders. Of course, it is a given that rehabilitation centers of these type of matters costs. However, let’s take into considerations that the life of a person is heavy in weight than the money it corresponds. Choosing the place for rehab must be taken into consideration. If the patient attends rehab at a different place, it would be problematic for the patient as the patient might struggle from anxiety and other psychological effects for the consequence of the new environment. But then again, if domestic life at home is found to be a factor of the eating disorder, it may be better for the patient to stay out for rehab. The very first stage of rehabilitation is definitely acceptance and willingness of the patient. It greatly affects the individual or patient as it will affect the pacing and result of the rehabilitation processes. Rehabilitation is for those who are determined enough to bring change into their life, lifestyle, and behavior especially towards eating.


 It is significant for an individual to be aware of the different detours that exist in life. Each individual is morally obligated to take care of the self. Awareness is essential before anything else follows. An eating disorder is a silent killer of not just the mind but also the body. Therefore, it is important to ensure that appropriate attention and treatment are made as to prevent any further damage. Eating disorders exist and may present in every gender. One’s not especially excluded. Seeking for professional help is a major solution to solving the matter given the varieties of treatments/types. Despite such disorder not relevant to the self, it is still important to be aware of such matter to be able to give aid to people who may have observable symptoms. If a person helps another be aware and notice such matter is the best prevention one may have.

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